Why I am a Quaker - Theo Sturge

Why? I was born one. In those days if you were born to Quaker parents you more or less automatically became a member, you were referred to as a birthright Friend. As a result, I was born, bred and pickled in the Religious Society Friends (Quakers). At secondary level I went to the local Quaker school, now sadly closed, where my father taught music. After A levels I went to London University and lived in a Quaker community. Come the first Sunday I asked where the nearest Meeting House was so I could go to Meeting for Worship. I did not have any hesitation, I did not even really stop to think about it, moving on into the adult world of Quaker worship was a natural progression. I tried two very different meetings and was comfortable at Friends House and continued to worship there for the next three years.

Whilst living in London I met a young lady who was also a birthright Friend and actively worshipped with Quakers. A few years later we were lucky enough to both have jobs in Leicester and we married at her home meeting in Yealand Conyers. Yealand Conyers Meeting House, on the edge of the Lake District is a very old meeting house and is one of those places where I can slip in, settle quietly down, and feel the worship enfold me. A beautiful, simple wedding has led to 43 years of very happy marriage, and together we continue to attend and worship in whatever town or city we have lived in. We have both become heavily involved in the life of the Meeting and have served in many ways. We have no paid staff or clergy so it is up to the members to take turns to help with the day to day running.

Theo Sturge