Uganda Village Project

image of tools being used

Northampton Meeting is raising money in 2013 to help the people of the Manafwa district of Uganda to improve their lives by making and selling furniture.

The Manafwa district is a rural area which has high levels of unemployment and poverty. A registered charity, the Butta Furniture Development Association (BFDA), was founded in 2012 Alex Gyabi to tackle these problems. Alex lives and works in Northampton.

The project is also being supported by Tools for Self Reliance (Northampton), a UK based charity that helps alleviate poverty in Africa by providing refurbished hand tools.

The money raised is to be spent on buying the raw materials needed to make furniture and business skills training. All funds are managed by the local Quaker Meeting in Manafwa which handles the buying of materials on behalf of individuals from local suppliers.

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