Northampton Hope Centre

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For over 25 years, Northampton Meeting has supported the valuable work done by the Hope Centre Northampton. In 2012, the Centre was adopted as our charity for the year and we raised over £1,000 for this worthwhile cause.

Quakers believe that we are all equal, and that we have a duty to help those who are in need. Over the past twenty five years Northampton Quakers have been concerned about the number of homeless people in the town. Some Friends have acted on that concern by volunteering at the Hope Centre (formerly The Soup Kitchen) on a regular basis. Others have donated food and clothing, and the Meeting has raised money, for example for furniture for a Quiet Room, when the centre recently relocated to the newly built Oasis building on Lower Mounts, and we also hold a general appeal every year for funds for the Centre.

When the old Soup Kitchen was first set up, the users were mainly elderly alcoholic men. Over the years this has changed, and the majority now are much younger. Many are homeless or living in insecure accommodation due to unemployment, drug use, or mental health problems. There are currently a number of nationalities using the centre, and the need to support the Hope Centre continues, particularly in the present economic climate.