Why I am a Quaker - Kathie Morley

My spiritual journey to date has encompassed Open Plymouth Brethren, Congregational, Elim Pentecostal and Church of England and featured Infant Dedication, Baptism by total immersion, Confirmation and 40 plus years as a clergy wife.

What brought me to a Meeting House was a long process of ‘turning away’ from elements of main stream Christian faith and ‘turning towards’ openness and acceptance.

I have always had a suspicion of 'certainty', possibly because as I was growing up all matters religious were seen by those around me as black or white. This I felt was too simplistic and did not ring true with my experience of the world and its people. The certainties of creeds became a stumbling block and I found myself leaving out bits that I could not in all honesty say.

Within the Church of England I was increasingly dissatisfied with the wordiness of services and although some 'silence' is written into modern liturgies it was seldom observed.

The process of 'turning towards' was slow, through circumstance and ill-health but in September 2011 I made a decision to follow that leading. I have attended Kettering Meeting ever since, finding friendship, understanding and support.

I continue to learn about early Quakers and the work they did in their communities and about Quaker belief and practice as it has developed. Above all I have experienced simple yet profound worship, an atmosphere which pervades both worship and business within the Meeting House and which moves out into daily activity, influencing ones whole being.

One interesting thing is that when in the past people asked me about faith and I mentioned C of E that was the end of the conversation. Now when I say ‘I am a Quaker’ they ask me more.........

Kathie Morley