Quaker Meeting Houses Heritage Project 2014-2016

All Quaker meeting houses in England, and eventually the whole UK, are being looked at from a historical and community value point of view, with the aim to document them better for posterity. This is part of an overall government wish that the history of all public buildings is better understood and recorded. The study of English Quaker meeting houses is being led by a consultancy called Architectural History Practice (AHP), funded through Historic England – which was English Heritage.

The three Northamptonshire Meeting Houses, Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering, have now been assessed. The assessment was carried out by a combination of local Friends completing a fairly lengthy questionnaire on each building, followed up with a visit from a member of AHP.

We have now received the final reports from AHP, and here is a summary of how we faired against their four high level value indicators:

Kettering QMH Northampton QMH Wellingborough QMH
Overall Medium High High
Historical Medium High High
Aesthetic Medium High High
Evidential High Medium Medium
Communal High High High

Note: Evidential, is the amount of historical evidence we have been able to provide about the buildings.

We are proud of these results, and particularly the high Communal value reflecting how the buildings are used by both Quakers and the wider community now and in the past.

March 2016